October 10, 2006

Plants as natural air scrubbers

Larry at Growing Up, a neat little blog from another nurseryman (move over, Trey) has NASA's list of the best plants for scrubbing indoor air clean of toxic chemicals. I've read this information more than once over the years, but I'd forgotten where to find it. NASA has done extensive testing of plants as natural air filters in their quest to provide interior environments that are safe for extended periods of time. You sure don't want to have Sick Building Syndrome in outer space...

So tootle on over and find your plant shopping list for cleaner air, as well as a link to the original research. And if you live in Regina, Saskatchewan, you can tootle on over to the nursery, Sherwood Greenhouses, too and scold him if he doesn't carry all ten! ;o)

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trey said...

Thanks for mentioning Sherwood Greenhouse’s “Growing Up”. I am always looking for someone in the business that maintains a blog and updates it frequently. I added them to my blog roll as well as your site.

Janet said...

Always glad to be of service. I consider Regina my hometown, as I did most of my growing up there, so that gives Sherwood Gardens a bit more of a tug for me. I'll bet Larry would love to hear from you, although I bet you don't carry quite the same plants... heheheh. Bit of a climate difference.