October 11, 2006

Everything's coming up roses

OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But every time I look out my kitchen window, I catch a glimpse of roses, and it provides that little jolt of joy that ensures I will not abandon gardening any time soon. On a cold, dreary, rainy October day like today, that's no small benefit.

The Morden Sunrise that I still have mixed feelings about is really at its best in cool weather. The flowers fade quickly in the heat of the summer, but now they can delight me for days on end.

Morden Sunrise roses

All my roses, in fact, are still blooming merrily away, seemingly oblivious to the waning of the season. The mini roses in particular are sending up thick sprays of new buds, bless their little hearts. I'm watching the weather forecasts carefully; when frost threatens, I'm going to go out and clip myself some bouquets.

Orange Kordana roses

In the back yard, the indefatigable Rozanne geranium is the star performer, rivalled by the grape-leafed anemone and the pink wax begonias, all of which are providing the colour I crave. The occasional bright red maple leaf drifts into the yard to provide an extra jolt. I don't think for even a second of raking them up; there aren't enough to smother the grass and the vivid splash of colour is welcome. I don't have enough autumn colour, but it's difficult to touch all the bases in so little space.

And those are the musings of a northern gardener who can only enjoy her yard through the windows today. But I've really got to get all those bulbs planted...

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Jackie's Garden said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing all the beautiful flower pictures. I so envy you your climate - it's getting too cold here now, though I still have a few roses. California must be great for gardening...a long season. Here I sometimes do a lot of work - for very little return! LOL

Anonymous said...

Janet, enjoy pics of your roses. Late spring here in South Africa, so my roses will start to bloom within the next 10 days. Late October, early November we have all our rose shows and festivalsLike your varieties, have a row of yellow/apricot coloured roses: Janine Herholdt, Amarula Surprise, Just Joeys.

Janet said...

Thanks Jackie, but I'm actually in Canada, not California, so my season is definitely on its last legs.

Anonymous, if you ever post pictures, let me know.

GardenJoy3 said...

I have Morden Sunrise too Janet and it is a beautiful hardy rose shrub. No real work to it at all .. I'm going to be looking for Morden Blush next year for the opposite side of the garden. I updated my blog but it isn't showing up yet .. yesterday I did it .. have you ever had that problem too ?
Great pics !
Joy : )

Janet said...

GardenJoy, no, I haven't had that problem. Are you sure you had the date stamp right?

GardenJoy3 said...

It must have been a problem with high traffic on the site Janet. It did show up two days later.
Joy : )