October 22, 2006

Green Thumb Sunday

Sunset and cat (photo credit to my daughter)

Sunset and cat

First snow (but still no frost!)

Snow on sedum

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Lynn said...

Yeah I am first comment! The photos are great!
We also got a snow and no frost. The rain is keeping the frost at bey.

mine is up

Alice said...

Lovely photos. I'm glad you have a cat who also enjoys the beauty of a sunset...lol.

Brrrrr - your winter seems to be coming along far too quickly, just like we're saying the same thing about our summer.

Tricia said...

Nice photos! What kind of plant is in the second picture? It looks very interesting. I really like photos of plants and flowers with snow or frost on them.

Tricia said...

BTW we have several new members this week if you'd care to visit them. Check the list. :)

Janet said...

Alice, we usually get a little snow before Halloween, but it never stays. This stuff was mostly melting on contact; it was a bit of a challenge to find some snow that had managed to stick without melting immediately. Real winter is still far away. Now we're headed for what Tolkien called the "fag end of autumn", grey and dank and rather cheerless, with the occasional glorious day to remind us of what we're missing. At least we get about one more week of fall colour before grey takes over. A month of that and snow is welcome; it brightens everything up.

Tricia, that is a creeping sedum. Sedum spurium. Great in the ground, great in pots, hardy as nails, easy to grow... I've even put a few sprigs in a tiny vase with mini roses.

guppyman said...

Snow? What is that? Wish i could get some down here....

Sigrun said...

Janet, your first photo is realy great!


pinar said...

I love the first photo.. soo beautiful.. enjoy..