October 18, 2006

October bouquet

The refugees I am harbouring right now are not only in pots. When frost was threatening (an empty threat as it turned out), I ventured forth, clippers in hand, to bring in some of the nicer offerings of the October garden. In my case, that means roses, as the other inhabitants still sporting blooms are not the kind that prosper in a vase.

Refugee bouquet

Another tiny vase is filled with mini-roses exclusively. And seeing as the frost is holding off, I think I'll go out again in a few days and bring in another selection of just-opening roses.

This is a treat I don't indulge in during the summer. For one thing, it is easy to step outside and enjoy them whenever I want, and for another, my garden is just too small to be able to fill a lot of vases and still look good outside, especially because most of the perennials are just in their first or second year and blooms are still rather sparse. So I'm particularly enjoying this little display. Park a couple of candles around it and set it where the lace curtains form a backdrop, and it's almost as good as sitting in the garden.

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Martine la banlieusarde said...

I see you've used the... that... iiish! you know? The orange thing that appears after the rose is gone. Nice idea! I think I'll imitate you tomorrow :)

It's always a pleasure to stop by!

Martine la banlieusarde said...

Oops! I just scrolled down and read your past entries to discover the name: rosehips, that's it! :)