October 15, 2006

Garden portraits for October 15

Green Thumb Sunday

Unlike other parts of the province, we haven't had a proper frost yet, let alone snow, but we've gotten close enough to inspire different plants to pull on their autumn coats.

English ivy:

Autumn ivy

Cinnamon fern (the spinulose shield fern is still bright green and will stay that way all winter):

Cinnamon ferns in October

Who knew? Morden Sunrise produces beautiful orange rosehips:

Morden Sunrise rosehips

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Tricia said...

I grow Morden Sunrise too and yes it does have lovely large rose hips. Actually ... I grow over 60 roses and they grew like crazy this year ... but for some reason I noticed that some of them started making rose hips in early August. Usually I can't get them to shut down - even come November and while they weren't shutting down it was unussual for the hips (and buds at same time) to be appearing.

Lovely pics! Welcome to Green Thumb!

Where are you Janet? Ontario? I'm in Toronto.

Tricia said...

BTW if you go around and visit some of the other sites on the Green Thumb blogroll, they'll probably come back and visit you today or tomorrow too. :)

Alice said...

Plants certainly have other beautiful attributes apart from their flowers. Their seed capsules are often very lovely indeed, and some plants have leaves that change quite surprisingly in the autumn. Lovely photos, Janet.

Christine said...

Lovely pics! Welcome to Green Thumb Sunday! The color and size of your Rose Hips are amazing. I love ferns. Thanks for sharing a pic of a cinnamon fern. Beautiful.

my GTS is posted at

Deb said...

I have rose hips on one of my rose bushes and I'm curious about them. Do I leave them or cut them back? What are they exactly??? (I'm such a beginner ;~)
Welcome to GTS, Janet!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Warmth welcome to GTS, I'm so glad you decided to join us :-)

That pic of the English Ivy is just gorgeous, it's the whole composition with the pot I really love! Simply wonderful.

Debbie said...

We have a back yard covered with english ivy that we are working on getting rid of! Some of the roots on the trees are over 1 inch thick!

I don't know if I have ever seen a morden Sunrise! Very interesting looking.

Welcome to the group. I hope you have a wonderful week!

John - Melbourne said...

Thanks for joining Green thumb Sunday, look forward to your weekly shots!

Janet said...

Wow, thanks for all the kind words!

Tricia, yes, I'm in Ontario, Ottawa to be precise.

Deb, rosehips are seed capsules. It is more a matter of taste than anything else if you cut them off or not. They can also be used to make a good anti-inflammatory tea.

Mrs. Lifecruiser, that pot makes everything look good. It was a supermarket special that I have never regretted.

Debbie, this far north, ivy is only marginally hardy, so it never becomes invasive or problematic.

John, joining GTS was easy, I post garden or plant photos almost every day... ;o)

Mandy said...

Hello, I'm a little late in posting here but better late than never, right? hehe

I love the colour of the English Ivy.. and it's one of my favourite plants. Probably because it's s easy to grow :=)

Mandy x

Blackswamp_Girl said...

So Janet... have those gorgeous hips swayed you over to falling in love with Morden Sunrise after all? (I ask because I keep drooling over it every time I see it in your posts!)

Janet said...

BSG, if I lived in a maritime climate or some place with cooler summers, I think I'd have unmixed feelings for Morden Sunrise. But in the heat, the flowers fade so quickly that it rather spoils things. I've got it in a small bed near an asphalt parking lot, and it can be a blast furnace out there in the summer. The Iceberg rose doesn't seem to mind the heat, but Morden does. It is gorgeous while it looks good, but it's like a woman whose looks are shot by the time she's 30.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

LOL!! Understood. :)