August 08, 2006

Garden portraits for August 8

Salvia nemorosa 'Marcus'
Now that the earwig population has been reduced to a reasonable level, this much-abused Marcus salvia has put forth a lot of healthy new foliage and even the occasional spire of blooms.

Ladybugs are always welcome at my house. You won't hear "Fly away home" from me!

Begonia semperflorens
The humble wax begonia.

Rosemund Cole cana lilly
Rosemund Cole canna in bloom

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Hanna in Cleveland said...

All the pictures are beautiful, but I particularly like the picture with the coleus. It is a nice combo.

Sigrun said...

Janet, wonderful photos, the first is the best.
My Cannas are flowering too in the moment. Very big and healthy!


Janet said...

Thanks Hanna, Sigrun. That coleus has won my heart too. I'll be bringing cuttings in this fall for sure!