August 17, 2006

Comments on gardening blogs

Hanna of This Garden is Illegal is wondering why gardeners don't leave comments more often on gardening blogs. I sometimes wonder the same thing, but I think part of the reason is that people who go to gardening blogs are primarily gardeners and not bloggers. Most of the blogosphere is a great web of discussions, with constant references to posts on other blogs or in the news and very active - often extreme - discussion going on in the comment section. I get the impression that most of the visitors to my gardening blog are not really part of that culture. Am I right or wrong? Why do you comment or not comment?

And if any of you are interested in issues outside of gardening, please check out my other blog, The Walrus Said, where I reflect on topics outside of gardening. And leave a comment if you have something to say, even if it's on an old post. I, at least, will read it.

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Sigrun said...

Janet, I am a gardener and a blogger and I leave posts, in blogs I read, all two ore three days.
It is a time-consuming thing, but I like to post when I have something to say. But I don't like say words without substance, than I do not post.
I have also a webside with a guest-book, but blogging is more direct and personally. I hope, you understand my bad english.


Janet said...

Sigrun, I am like you. I don't post unless I feel I have something worth saying. And if ten people have already aid, "Nice pictures!" then there's not much point in me doing the same.

Don't worry, I always understand you. And I always like your pictures! :o)

Anonymous said...

Janet, I enjoy reading your blog every day and I also enjoy Sigrun's blog. Gardening makes me happy and gardening blogs from other happy gardeners are a joy. I suppose that I could post "Love your blog" every day but it's not much of a contribution to your site. You're right, I think,........I'm a gardener, not a blogger.

(in Southern California)

Carol said...

I think your reason for why people don't leave comments is as good as I've read. We are all gardening, not arguing! I shall go check out your other blog now.

Janet said...

I can identify with what Sue and Carol are saying very much. Still, I'd like to encourage readers to share their own experiences with the same or similar plants, for instance. It could be very helpful for people who come here looking for information. Claire's comment on her experience with four o'clocks in California, for instance, was just great. There it's a perennial, and rather difficult to control, which is far from being the case in Canada.

soulman said...

Hi Janet..
Sounds right to me. I would prefer to be out in my garden than at my computer blogging. However, I'm trying to do both. And by the way, there are thousands of sites on gardening. We would never get outside if we put comments on all of them.

Janet said...

Soulman, no kidding! I will confess to sometimes spending too much time at the computer... Having two blogs and being interested in too many things doesn't help.