August 09, 2006

The dirty deed is done

Uprooted greater celandineMy greater celandine has been uprooted and bagged. I was absolutely appalled to see how bad the white fly infestation really was! Many of them migrated to the bleeding heart and the royal fern, so daily sprayings are probably going to be part of my routine for a while. *groan* I hope I will not pay too dearly for not noticing this infestation much earlier. I've never had a white fly infestation in more than a single potted plant, so this was quite a shock to my system. Mind you, there are some very happy spiders in my garden whose webs were in the direct line of flight of panicking white flies.

In the photo, you can see the white fly damage on the leaves, which were very sticky from the honeydew produced by the flies. You can also see the vivid orange sap, characteristic of greater celandine and believed by herbalists to be a remedy for warts.

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