August 23, 2006

Garden portraits for August 23

Orange Kordana bloom close up. The orange is most vivid when the flower is fresh and then fades to a more reddish colour.

Orange Kordana bloom

The lacy bloom of the fennel plant, beloved by bees and other pollinators.

Flower of purple fenel

Datura blossoms open in the evening and last until the sun hits them. This one, shown in the late morning, is curling up and will soon wilt as the sun hits it.

Datura innoxia bloom

Late summer colour. That coleus has been a lifesaver!

Late summer colour

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Cyd said...

Beautiful photogs... had flowers more like this when we lived in california, but not that we moved to Montana and opened up the Fish Creek House B&B, we spend more time in our greenhouse growing organic fruits an dveggies and spending time with our animals (and the guests!)

GardeningJo said...

your pics are gorgeous! (i may now post a few pics of my cats!) i thought i was the only one who posted pics like that!!

mine isn't just a gardening blog, it's an everything blog! if ya'd like to take a look-see, go to!

GardeningJo said...

ps: just remembered - i do have a garden blog at dig in ~ dig in dirt garden blogs ~ i'm known as "GardeningJo" there too!