August 04, 2006

Anise hyssop - just because

Crack cocaine for bees.

Anise hysop

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Sigrun said...

I have also this Ysop in the garden, and this year I have a seedling.


Janet said...

Sigrun, just ONE seedling? How did you do it? Just a couple of days ago, I cleared out all the seedlings out of the lawn, the edge of the beds and the cracks between the patio stones and made up a nice pot of tea!

GardenJoy3 said...

I have the anise hyssop and the golden jubilee ... love them both .. but it is the snise hyssop that the bees go mad over ..i have all those "magnet' plants in the sun border .. two butterfly bushes (budliea ? ) loads of plants so it is one busy area I have to be careful in !
I love the fragrance of the anise from the hyssop ! black licorice ! haha

johlucmoha said...

thanks for the nice picture Janet, I bought an anise hyssop yesterday and so far I found out that it is not Hyssopus officionalis but rather Agastache foeniculum. mine is a hybrid so I don't know if it will reseed. Some people say it volunteers a lot- which I would like.
I,ve heard it is a prairie plant. I'll let know what else I find out.