July 13, 2006

Eye candy (complete with peanuts)

The Begonia pendula in the wall urn reminds me of fireworks, well-urned praise indeed!

Potted begonia

Begonias and friends.

Begonias and friends

First bloom on self-sown Chinese pinks.

Dianthus 'Telstar'

Peanut plant courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood squirrel!

Squirrel-sown peanut plant

Euphorbia milii blooms

Crown of thorns in bloom

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Kasmira said...

Your urn pun is awful! (In a good way.)

Janet said...

So happy to have made you suffer! (In a good way.) ;o)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I have found more peanut plants this summer than I realized the little buggers could plant in a year! lol. That begonia is just wonderful--when you get back from vacay, I'd love to know your secrets for growing them so large and healthy.

Have a wonderful escape! :)