August 22, 2006

Winning the cat war

Kitty cat, kitty cat, where have you been?
Down to my litter box, where did you think?

I am declaring victory in the war with my cat! It was a hard-fought battle, but my superior weaponry prevailed in the end.

Pine cones piled liberally in her favourite corners, the occasional batch of twigs and branches planted vertically in the beds, and potted plants snuggled in between perennials to provide physical barriers in those tempting spots without striking any discordant notes.

I am one happy camper, er, gardener.

Happy cat

Of course, cleaning out the litter box more regularly hasn't hurt either.

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Sigrun said...

Hi Janet, the cat is funny. Is she always dirthy after beeing in the garden? Today I hate my cats, all three.
Outside it is raining, and they are so silly inside.


Janet said...

Yes, she sometimes gets a little dusty, rolling around outside. She doesn't usually get too silly inside; she's a very passive cat. Getting fatter all the time, too.

Anonymous said...

My cat Mr. Zoey is indoor only so his perchant for rolling about is NOT in a garden. I'm going out on a limb to state his odd-ball be-havior here because I have searched and searched and I find no mention of it. The dirty secret is that every day he rolls around on the floor outside the litter box, which is bad enough, what with the clinging, messy litter. However, his secondary habit of yowling for my attention and then throwing himself inside the box and thrashing about is driving me bonkers. Since the box is in the bathroom and I'm in there for my own busuness I choose to ignore rather that freak-out (like I'd to!) because I'm thinking without the desired reaction on my part he will cease such undesirable, nasty actions. I also worry about the amount of ingested litter when he washes his fur. He does groom all the time. Yet somehow when he jumps up on my bed lately I can't help but wonder "was he just rolling in that darn litter box again!" There most be other cat people out there who are likewise going through this. If this sounds familiar please comment.