June 17, 2006

A trio of portraits from the back bed

Oenothera frutticosaSundrops demonstrate why they are aptly named

Thalictrum rochebrunianumBuds on lavender mist meadow rue

Roseanne cranesbillRozanne's first bloom just opening

And that's all that this bone-weary gardener has the energy for today.


Sigrun said...

Sundrops - I learn each day a new word. I have them also in the garden.
Rozanne is a beautiful geranium.


Janet said...

Sundrops are also called evening primroses, which I find a silly and inappropriate name, so I use sundrops instead. Oenothera acaulis, on the other hand, actually does open in the evening, but I don't think the whole genus should get saddled with the name.

Sigrun said...

Aha, now I know everything! How good, to have an englisch speeking teacher!

Sigrun :-))

charlotte said...

I can't wait to see the Meadow Rue in bloom! I just planted one this spring, it's still pretty wimpy though!

Janet said...

Charlotte, mine didn't flower the first year. This will be its debut performance for me and I can hardly wait!

Sigrun, I spent too much time teaching. It has become something of a compulsive habit. If I know something, I want to tell somebody.

Janet said...

Well, the Lavender Mist turned out to be yellow mist... Not quite the same.

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