June 08, 2006

Tiny weigela in bloom

Veriegated wiegela, cardinal shrubThe tiny little variegated weigela I put in earlier this spring (you know, the one that evicted my anise hyssop) has, to my great delight, decided to grace me with a few blooms, as a hint of future glories. This picture was taken a couple of days ago, and the flowers have since started deepening into their pink colour.


IBOY said...

You may or may not end up being disappointed with your variegated cardinal shrub; they are MUCH more prone to winter dieback than other cardinals... even here in 5a, every few years they basically die back to the ground, but always come back very nicely. I guess, think of it as auto-pruning.

Janet said...

Thanks for the info, Iboy. They don't offer this sort of info in catalogues, for some strange reason. Actually, the "auto-pruning" could be a blessing. I tend to pack my plants too tightly, for a number of reasons: to keep the cats out as much as possible, and serious denial about how little space I really have.