June 30, 2006

Lily Parade - Part 4

My fascination with all things Lilium continues.

Apricot-colored Asian lilly
These two unnamed Asiatic lilies opened their first blooms this morning. The burgundy one is actually more intense in colour, but my photographic skills are not up to the task of rendering the colour more faithfully.

Burgundy-colored Asian lilly

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Sigrun said...

Janet, you have a lot of wonderful lillys. Have you also Hemerocallis?


Janet said...

No, no daylilies yet at this house. They are high on my list of priorities though.

MrBrownThumb said...


I really like your blog and your pics. Seeing your pics makes me wish my camera wasn't broken. I had some nice Asiatic Lilies bloom these past few weeks.

Keep up the good work.

rachelle said...

isn't it the time of year for lillies. i love them.

Janet said...

Thanks, MBT!