June 12, 2006

All-purpose spray working on scale too

This is just a quick note to follow up on my scale posting. When I was out spraying my anemone against sooty mildew with my all-purpose spray, I figured I might just as well try it on the few remaining spots of scale on my oleanders. It worked like a charm. And it seems to have eliminated the spider mites on my tropical hibiscus too. I had been planning on using insecticidal soap, but the all-purpose Murphy spray was handy. Handy is good.

So, in case anyone is keeping score, the spray is good for:

  • preventing mildew
  • helping plants that already have it
  • stopping rodents from gnawing on plants (on the basis of what others have told me)
  • stopping tomcats from spraying a particular spot
  • killing scale (at least the kind that infests houseplants)
  • killing spider mites
Follow the links for the formula.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Thanks for the recipe, Janet! One question: does it have to be the yellow mouthwash for some reason, or would the green Listerine in my cabinet work just as well?

Janet said...

Apparently for some reason it does have to be yellow mouthwash. I don't know why and I haven't experimented to find out how crucial it is. You could try the green first and see. If you do, let me know how things pan out.