June 19, 2006

Not yet the Container Queen

Potted royal fern et alMy approach to containers is best described as slap-dash. Planning, no matter how hard I try, never seems to quite work, and so I cobble things together.

I did a lot of cobbling this weekend.

But I'll pretend I'm a designer and talk instead about creating unity through repetition of elements. ;o)

The little violas that got stuffed willy-nilly into several different containers can be part of this game, as can the leftover trailing alyssum and balsam seedlings that got put almost everywhere. Cuttings from creeping Jenny, sedum and deadnettle will also provide some trailing elements as well as the much vaunted unity.

The tuberous begonias, which were planned, demonstrate why my planning seldom works. The four yellow non-stops I started a few weeks ago promptly developed different coloured leaves and stems, which means that I have no clue what colour blooms I will eventually get. And I discovered why one of them was growing so slowly. The stem had actually detached from the tuber (!) and was busy rooting itself again!

The pink wax begonias, like the balsam seedlings, were also planned, and have been spread over several containers and a couple of beds, helping to knit everything together. With any luck, a month from all of this will look quite charming.

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