June 29, 2006

Elegant Lady is a class act

Elegant Lady lilyI took one look at her face and I was smitten.

I turned the page in the catalogue, and there she was, taking up half the page in all her pink splendour: no trashy bling, no screaming neons, just quiet, sophisticated elegance.

My fate was sealed. I hadn't heard of pink Easter lilies before, but I didn't need any additional hype to persuade me. The picture did it. And if I should be tempted to grow indifferent, her perfume would woo me back. Unlike the smell of Oriental lilies, which I tolerate with some difficulty mainly because I'm smitten with lilies, the fragrance of Lilium longiflorum, whether white or pink, calls me to bury my face in the blooms.

This is one lady who will get invited to every garden party I ever hold.

I did about overwintering. Hydro Ottawa had done some digging in the fall and left their mess untended to over the winter, creating a low point just outside this bed and a puddle of icy water for a few days this spring. Despite my nervousness, Elegant Lady pulled through just fine, although Snow Queen just behind her seems to have suffered some.

Prices have been dropping since I first saw her, so finding your own Elegant Lady shouldn't be too great a burden on the pocketbook.

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