May 21, 2006

Rozanne has also captured my heart

Perenniel geranium RoseanneHere is another recent introduction that has swept me off my feet, the famed Rozanne geranium. You can see the subtle marbling of her leaves at this point, but her real attraction is her non-stop flowering. She will start producing her purple blooms soon and go right through to frost without a break.

Rozanne does like to sprawl, so she's particularly effective as a "weaver", winding among taller plants and blanketing the ground at their feetPerrenial cranesbill 'Rozeanne' with Lillium longiflorum 'Snow Queen' with attractive foliage and sweet flowers. You can get a bit of an idea from this somewhat fuzzy photo from last year although the young plant was a little skimpy compared to what it will be this year. I also liked the pairing with the shiny leaves of the sweet basil right next to it, which just got better as the season went on.

I plan to add more Rozannes to other parts of the garden, to help provide some visual unity in my rather eclectic garden. Rozanne doesn't set seed, which is why she flowers for so long, but she can be divided in spring or fall. Geraniums in general can be propagated from cuttings, so I will probably experiment with a little ground layering also. Much easier than potting and misting and applying rooting hormone.

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