May 20, 2006

I really, really love this plant!

Brunera macrophila 'Jack Frost'My garden has lots of the tried and true in it, and I won't buy something just because it's new. So many of those highly touted new introductions turn out to be busts. But there are a couple that have captured my heart in the last two or three years. First is the aptly named Jack Frost brunnera or Siberian bugloss. The one you see here, in its second year, shimmers in the darkest corner of my yard. I had it in a brighter spot but it wilts when afternoon sun hits it, so I moved it to its present shadier location. It's now preparing to bloom, when it will demonstrate why another name for brunnera is false forget-me-not. After it's finished blooming it will put out more large leaves that will look even frostier. Enough to make you start jumping on couches.

I've seen Looking Glass, a sport of Jack Frost, which is supposed to be even whiter, but I liked it much less. There is less green veining, which diminishes the contrast. And even worse, the "white" looked more like dingy grey to me. Maybe it brightens up as the year goes on, but its early spring appearance, at least, is not appealing. If you have a more positive experience, be sure to post a comment.

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