May 29, 2006

Jack Frost brunnera update

Jack Frost brunera blossomsMy Jack Frost is now in full bloom. This doesn't really qualify as "clouds of blooms" yet, seeing as this two-year old plant is just flowering for the first time, but it gives a hint of the beauty to come in future years. You can see the resemblance to forget-me-nots.


Karen in Ottawa said...

Hi Janet,

In response to your question about what type of mulch I am using on Saturday's post, it is red cedar mulch. So far so good, but I might have to move some of it because I don't think it will be good for my hens and chicks around the border. I will see. I layed it on really really thick (big weed problem too) and keep it really wet. Kitties don't seem to like it, or maybe they are scared of the crazy lady who keeps shooting out the screen door screaming at

Your garden looks great. My herbal seeds are taking quite nicely. Won't be long before I can make some salsa with my cilantro which is thriving in partial sun.

Janet said...

Invite me over! I'll bring the nachos! ;o)