May 12, 2006

Janet's Garden

Janet's back yard gardenThis blog will be an attempt to share what's happening in my garden in a way that might be useful to other gardeners.

I do my gardening in a small townhouse yard in USDA Zone 4a. Here you see my largest (!) bed in early May 2006. This is only its second season, so shrubs and perennials are still youngsters.Janet the gardener


Joan Brown said...

Janet--I am also from the forum, wow, you did just an amazing job. I had no idea what a 'bog' was until I looked at yours.

You really took alot of care and concern for other gardeners in it, and the best was your jacob's lader!

here, here, fab job!

Joan in Toronto

Janet said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for posting your pictures. I really enjoy looking at gardens and comparing them to mine for ideas and feedback on how I am doing.
janet from wa state. said...

Hey Janet, I know it's winter but I hope your site is still active anyway. What can you tell me about the Rose of Cimmeron? I don't mean how can you decipher the lyrics to the Poco song, I mean is this gorgeous flower only native to New Mexico like my research tells me? Is it so delicate that an East Coast home garden would never be able to stand a chance of growing this bloom, which I'm facinated to learn is actually an iris, by the way, what do you think?