July 06, 2006

Still blooming after all this time!

Polemonium still in bloom
This trooper has now been blooming for two months non-stop. Granted, after the first flush, there are fewer blooms, but secondary stalks keep producing new buds. There are still some unopened buds waiting for their turn. I've been very pleased with the performance of Polemonium 'Bressingham Purple'. Although shorter in height than P. caeruleum, one of its parents, it has just as long a bloom time, which I was a bit concerned about when I picked it up on a whim.

Dicentra spectabilis
Not to be outdone, even the bleeding heart has managed to squeeze out one last drop, as these new blooms show. Unlike the Jacob's ladder, it truly is on its last beat. Not that I'm criticizing. It's been a great run.

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