July 24, 2006

Lily Parade - Part 6

You leave for a week and the lilies have a party!

Girosa lilies are spectacular!
Girosa Oriental lilies

Golden Stargazer
Golden Stargazer lily

Freak Stargazer with only four petals
Stargazer lily with only four petals

Snow Queen Easter lily
Lilium longiflorum 'Snow Queen'

Dizzy Oriental lily
Dizzy Oriental lily

My white Stargazer lilies always have stained petals
White Stargazer lilies

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Lynne said...

I bet there isn't one place in your yard that you don't smell these! beautiful!

Sigrun said...

Hi Janet, you are back! I hope, you had good and not so hot time.

Your Lillies looks very nice, I have no Lillies this year. But in the garden of my father - wow, they are so big, much mor big than my which I had the last years.


Sandy said...

Oh what lucious lillies you have! I really must have the yellow stargazer. Gorgeous!

Janet said...

Lynne, you are so right. My yard is very fragrant right now.

Sigrun, the weather was actually extremely hot, as most of North America laboured under a heat wave. We would have to take refuge in air-conditioning on a regular basis.

Sandy, I've fallen for that yellow Stargazer too. And unlike most Orientals, it is actually pleasant to my nose too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet:

Killing some time so I decided to checked out your blog.

Whenever you thin out your garden don't forget about passing some on to me. Your lilies are beautiful especially the Freak Stargazer...hint, hint. There's others I like as well and will make you a list.

Bye for now,


Janet said...

Silvana, sorry no immediate plans to thin out the lilies. You'd have to smuggle them in while your hubby wasn't looking, anyway.

Mind you, those Easter lilies have produced a lot of bulblets. OK, I'll pot them up for you...