July 10, 2006

Still needing your help

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time today trying to chase down the source of those pop-ups, without any real success, by adding possible sources on a dummy website. I'm now going to start trying to find them by eliminating them here, but this is a little trickier. They don't appear every time, so I really need you to drop me a quick comment or email if you do notice one. If you do, that means my most recent deletion was not the culprit.

Thanks again and I apologize for this intrusion into the normal subject matter of this blog.

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Xris said...

Janet: The pop-ups may be different each time, but their source is the same: it's ilead.itrack.it. Each time I get a pop-up, it's from the same source. They seem to be selling their pop-ups to others. This time it was for "Dada Mobile", a ring-tones seller.

Tell blogger they need to block this spammer.

Dawn Hill said...

Do a Google search on ilead.itrack.it and then follow through on whatever advise you find.

Janet said...

I think I've found the culprit, so hopefully it's gone once and for all.

Dawn, what I found seemed to indicate that it was adware and computer specific, but I'm more inclined to believe it was connected with one of my stats collecting programs, which I've eliminated. Both Xris and I were getting it specifically on this site, which seems to be telling.

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and help. Hopefully this is behind us now.