July 13, 2006

Victim of a hit and run arborist

A tree care service was out this morning removing dying pines and trimming dangerous branches on the common property. Unfortunately one of those trees overhangs my property and my largest perennial bed was hit with Weapons of Horticultural Destruction. My snowball viburnum was broken off nearly to the ground, lilies were broken and flattened, Siberian irises transformed into ground cover...

Broken viburnum

The workers took no protective measures, nor did they advise me ahead of time so that I could. Worst of all, they removed the branches from my property and left without informing me or even closing the gate! Need I add they weren't authorized to come in my yard?

I've contacted the property manager (had to leave a voice mail) and the arborist service. Fortunately I'd seen their truck, so I knew who to complain to. The manager is supposed to phone me back. At least the receptionist was pleasant.

There are more pictures here. They aren't good, but I needed documentation.

Why oh why do I keep assuming that people will act like professionals and do their jobs properly? I should have been out there making a pain of myself as soon as I heard the saws.

To be continued...

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Sally D said...

Its a shame these people are allowed to do these things, the other month a group of contractors I was told but they were tree surgeons anyhow they were to trim some overhanging branches from a tree on public ground. I wasot home but when I got in and walked around the back the patio set which was aluminium garden furniture was damaged, the table and one of the chairs, you could see some thing heavy had fallen on the table and the chairs were covered in muddy boot marks, I complaimed and demanded recompense, still waiting!!!