July 08, 2006

I need your help!

I have noticed to my horror that when I access my blog in Internet Explorer (which I seldom do - I prefer Firefox), I sometimes get pop-up ads, despite a blocker! I loathe pop-ups and I certainly don't want them on my website.

My problem is I don't know where they're coming from. I was under the distinct impression that Adsense doesn't use pop-ups. As far as I know, the other third-party add-ons I use don't use them either.

I'm determined to track down the source and eliminate it, so if any of you noticed when this started (and have retained the fact), I'd appreciate knowing, because that could help me find the culprit and eliminate it. You can post a comment here or email me.

Failing that, I'll have to eliminate the possible offenders one at a time and find out what works, so letting me know when they disappear would also be very helpful.

Thanks a lot.

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Xris said...

Janet: I just got one when I visited your site. I missed the full source URL, but it ended in ".it" and was an ad for some sort of college.

Xris said...

Just got it again. It's a nasty one: large, non-resizeable window. The title area reads: "http://ilead.itrack.it - Advertisement". No menu or other toolbars.

Hope this helps you swat the evil-doers. - Xris

Janet said...

Thanks a lot, Xris. I was hoping for a little more feedback, but as things stand, I'm going to try to find the culprit by a process of elimination today.