September 13, 2006

Hope for the future

Wigelia and friends

I had to move around to find an angle to make this group look good. But in the future, when the variegated weigela has grown enough to dominate the corner, and the Sparkling Burgundy heuchera has bulked out a bit more, they will have enough presence to make this corner attractive from any side. The purply blue of the Rozeanne geranium and the purply red of the heuchera play just wonderfully off the chartreuse highlights of the weigela aka cardinal bush.

What is it about gardeners that we see not only what is, but also what will be?

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Kasmira said...

I took a personality "test" last spring and one of my dominate traits was "future-oriented." Perhaps that is common among gardeners.

Janet said...

Well, if we aren't future-oriented when we start, we get that way after a while!