September 12, 2006

Definitely better than alien eyes!

We'll just have to call her Annie the Alien, I guess. Anemone tomentosa 'Robustissima' has opened her first blooms, and I love them! They'd probably make great cut flowers, but I don't have enough to spare.

Grape-leafed anemone in flower

We've been getting some cooler weather here the last little while, and Rozeanne has reacted by getting all blue. It really struck me when I went outside today. The pink flush normally so visible has diminished considerably. It gives a whole new meaning to turning blue from the cold!

Geranium 'Roseanne'

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Sigrun said...

Thats Rozanne? I have it too, it is new and has not flowered in this year!


Janet said...

You will be happy with it next year!

Annie in Austin said...

Once the plants got going there were enough to cut -think I combined it with sweet autumn clematis and blue salvia, because they bloomed at the same time.

Janet, I've been in Texas for 7 years, and it has become home, but your Northern flowers do remind me of my old garden, and make me feel like Annie the Alien, living in a different world.

Janet said...

Annie, making you nostalgic, am I? I sometimes wonder how I would react to a southern garden. It is not entirely impossible that I end up in one.

That salvia/anemone combo sounds like a great one! I've got a Palace Purple heuchera beside the anemone, but the sprays of tiny flowers are almost lying flat at this point, reaching for the sun.