May 14, 2007

Tulip mania

As promised, I am back with a picture of my Daydream tulips once they had faded to apricot.

Daydream tulips
I love the colour, but I was a bit disappointed with how quickly they wilted.

On the other hand, the Emperor tulips not only bloomed again this year, but they had actually increased in number since last year. Their blooms started early, held up for quite a long time, and were strikingly beautiful too. What more can you ask for? Emperor tulips have definitely joined my list of things I will want to include in any future gardens.

Emperor tulips

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Kate said...

Your Emperor tulips are beautiful. I love the vibrant orange colours.

Janet said...

Orange is my theme colour for the front. Not everything is orange by any means, but everything is compatible. I've got orange tulips, orange lilies, orange roses (well, I tried)... Lots of white to go with that, and the occasional splash of purple or burgundy or blue or yellow. Not all at once. Some red has sneaked its way in also, primarily because plants I ordered did not turn out as advertised. Oh well. I tend to fall in love with them anyway.

Free Credit Score said...

I love tulips and now it is already Spring time. Thanks for the tips and pictures.